Helping You with Your Kitchen Home Improvements

Posted on: September 20th, 2012

Kitchen Home improvements increase your home enjoyment, but they also affect your home’s value – kitchen renovations can yield a 75 to 100% return on investment at resale.

These tips will help you plan for your kitchen improvement needs with a focus on resale value:

Function: Determine optimal requirements for storage, food preparation, cooking, eating, entertaining and clean up.

Space: Consider altering the current layout for improved ergonomics, particularly before moving walls to enlarge the space.

Cabinets & Counters: Understand the benefits of re-facing or choose durable and easy-to-clean replacement materials in a neutral colour and contemporary style.

Flooring: Consider durable and easy-to-clean neutral-coloured options in wood, laminate, linoleum, ceramic, stone or porcelain tile.

Plumbing & Fixtures: Replace older galvanized steel or lead pipes and choose low-flow fixtures in a finish that compliments cabinets and counters.

Electrical: Determine if more electrical circuits and outlets are required for a growing range of appliances, ensuring outlets near sinks have ground fault circuit interrupters.

Lighting: Balance ceiling, cabinetry and countertop lighting for the right mix of energy-efficient ambient and task lighting.

Applliances: Choose energy-efficient replacments in a uniform colour and style that compliment cabinets and counters.

Ventilation: Take the opportunity to increase insulation, seal air leaks and add a more powerful exhaust fan, if required.

Accents & Decor: Apply neutral paint and accessory colours that compliment cabinets and counters and keep decorative items to a minimum to avoid clutter.

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