Types Of Relationship You Can Have With Your Realtor

Posted on: September 22nd, 2015

photo credit: Victor1558 via photopin cc

photo credit: Victor1558 via photopin cc

Okay now I’ve lost you?  Is that what you are thinking?

Before I can even negotiate an offer for you we need to have a conversation about “The Agency Relationship” and go over the “Working with a Realtor” brochure, which you can view HERE.

In real estate, there are 4 different types of relationships you can have with your real estate representative.

1.       Seller Representation

2.       Buyer Representation

3.       Multiple Representation

4.       Customer Service

You need to understand the different types of relationships and understand who is working for you.

It is important that we sit down and you acknowledge this understanding in writing at the earliest possible opportunity before I negotiate any offer for you.  This way, you will have complete confidence moving forward with the home buying process and my role as your real estate representative. Call or write me today so we can set up your FREE consultation.

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